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  • B White

    "Certified Roofing is a great company for me. They came over and inspected my roof at no cost, The inspector found hidden damage to the shingles and got me approved through my homeowners insurance. Put the roof up in 1 day. They really did a great job. Thank you Certified Roofing and Gutters."

    Macon, GA
  • Myron

    "I was bit skeptical at first, but the telemarketer reassured me that everything was at no obligations and risk free. I still took the time to look the company up myself. The representative was professional, knowledgable and on time. He walked me through the claims process and met with my insurance adjuster. I now have a 30 yr roof thanks to Certified Roofing and Gutters."

    Atlanta, GA
  • Elaine Dowdy

    "I set an appointment for the free inspection. Progressive also sent my claims adjuster out to verify the leaks in my bedroom and that I did have hail damage. My roof was replaced and the leaks repaired. Certified Roofing did a great job. Thanks for my new roof."

    Elaine Dowdy
    Chattanooga TN
  • T Riley

    "Certified Roofing and Gutters put my new roof on in 1 day and fixed the cracked ceiling in my home. I also got 30 yr shingles in the color of my choice. My neighbor got a new 30 yr roof too. Thank you Certified for my military discount."

    T Riley
    Augusta, GA
  • J L Russell

    "We all get those annoying telemarketing calls. I got the call from Certified Roofing and Gutters. I immediately said Not Interested and hung-up my phone. ( My neighbor had just been had by a roofing company). To my surprise, the telemarketer called again. I decided to hear him out. I knew had hail damage to my car. I excepted the free inspection and Allstate approved me for a brand new roof, gutters and I got a 10 yr warranty. Thank you Certified Roofing and Gutters for that 2nd phone call!!!"

    J L Russell
    Griffin, GA
  • Judy Walton

    "I was actually referred to Certified Roofing and Gutters through a friend. They arrrived on time and made me feel comfortable about asking questions, Before them, I didn't even know what a shingle was. Sounds hard to believe, but it's the truth. They explained everthing to me in great detail. The inspector walked me through the steps of filing a claim. When I got approved for my roof, they kept me very involved with the style, color and materials. I just recently referred my aunt and uncle and they are already in the process of filing their claim. My family thanks you Certified."

    Judy Walton
    Nashville, TN
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